Local SEO tips for 2017

"Google are expected to continue their focus on local throughout 2017"

The idea of local SEO has developed significantly in recent years and Google are expected to continue their focus on local throughout 2017. Local SEO is mainly applicable to regionalised businesses. For example, local shops or branches in a certain location.

Below are some Local SEO tips for 2017:

1. Register a Google My Business page and make sure it’s optimised

Every element added to your Google My Business page provides important local ranking signals to Google. Ensure all details are filled out accurately and that content is optimised. Be sure to use high-quality images that will appeal to your audience as these may impact click-through rates. Encouraging happy customers to leave reviews will also help to improve your listing.

2. Develop localised content

Focus your website content on your local area. Be specific about the areas you operate in and really tailor content to suit your local audience – this could be on-going news stories or ties with other local partners.

3. Create local landing pages

Setting up and optimising local landing pages for each of your destinations is very important. This enables you to use keyphrases related to your location and produce targeted content.

4. Use localised Schema markup

Schema is also known as Structured Data markup or rich snippets. This code can help provide Google with important information about your business. It’s recommended to include the relevant code on applicable pages to display certain business attributes. This helps Google understand your business and will improve your visibility in search results.

5. Track keyphrases on a local level

As your targeting a particular location, you need to make sure that keyphrases are tracked on a local level. Google results are skewed for local searches which means people in different locations will see different results. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re able to track results as local customers would see them.

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