Google Mobile Indexing

The latest on Google's mobile first index

Back in November, we wrote about Google’s mobile first index announcement. Several months later, we’re still awaiting the actual change to take place. This is quite typical of large updates of this fashion, which will likely be a huge overhaul of rankings.

In the meantime, many SEO engineers are reporting strange occurrences in mobile rankings Рwhich could be the precursor to Google themselves rolling out the update. Throughout this week, multiple issues have been flagged up by people across the SEO industry. Many SEO news sites are taking notice as more and more individuals are noticing these strange anomalies.

Even MOZ‘s SEO weather report is showing stormy times ahead – take a look below.

We’re predicting all this turbulence is pointing to a big change on the horizon – our recommendation would be to wrap up warm and pack a brolly if you’re doing any SEO work!

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