Google’s Fred Update

"Fred is believed to target low-value content websites"

Very recently, the SEO community has been actively discussing the possibility of a new algorithm update introduced by Google. Although the update is yet to be confirmed by Google themselves, many experts in the industry have strong evidence to suggest that the oddly named “Fred” update is real.

Based on data collected by experts in the SEO industry, Fred looks to have specifically affected low-value content websites – sites that have been built solely for ranking purposes and are usually laced with ads and affiliate links. Therefore, this update shouldn’t be a concern for most businesses.

However, for sites that regularly rent domains or are utilising certain lead generation techniques, this could become an issue as websites that are used to deliver these services are often created in this same way.

For those in the firing line, websites that are targeted by Fred appear to have lost between 50-90% of traffic as a result of drops in rankings.

If you’re concerned about the Fred update or have any questions about SEO then please feel free to get in touch.

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