Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique and marketing strategy used for driving traffic to a website or service. The ultimate goal of SEO is to have a website at the top of search engine results.

We have different types of SEO techniques which all target top positions in search engine result pages. Local SEO is different in the sense that it is focused on geographical location.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Businesses who are aiming to attract local trade want to be visible when a user searches using a query related to their target keywords and location. As such, Local SEO requires a different approach to optimisation and link building; it is more inclined to your local presence. That means the search engines need to have enough information about your organisation and your location as well as the services you offer.

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Why Local SEO?

Cost-effectiveness – Local SEO campaigns often require smaller budgets as competition is much lower than national or international SEO campaigns.

Higher ROI – Local SEO improves your visibility to local customers. If this is your target market, you will achieve a higher return on your SEO investment.

Footfall – Local SEO often has a positive effect on physical visits to your local shop or office as well as visits to your website. Increased visibility through Google Local Business Cards in search results means that customers can sometimes gather all the information they to visit you, without even visiting your website.

Locally Targeted – Local SEO allows you to attract and reach customers who are specifically interested in your product or service in your location – even if they don’t include a place name their search query. Google automatically applies a filter to results based on the location of the searcher which boosts local listings.

If you’re targeting local clients or customers within a specific area, then a local SEO campaign should be a strong consideration as part of your marketing strategy.