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Moz Announce Updates to Domain Authority

Moz have announced they'll soon be updating their Domain Authority metric coming March 5th 2019

We’re not far into 2019, and we already see substantial changes that will affect how we measure and report on SEO. Moz, one of the leading SEO software providers, has announced a full-scale revamp on how it analyses and produces its Domain Authority metric. Changes will be rolled out on March 5th 2019.

We’ve shared information on changes to Domain Authority in previous blog posts. However, this latest update is planned to be an even bigger shakeup.

Following the deprecation of PageRank in 2009, Moz stepped into the open void and provided the SEO industry with a much-needed benchmark to measure the strength of a domain.

Recently, Moz overhauled their link anaylsis technology and produced what they claim to be the industry’s largest link index – with over 35 trillion links. Access to the index was packaged into the new Moz Link Explorer alongside the decommissioning of the much loved, but often unreliable, Open Site Explorer. This new and improved data will form the backbone of changes to Domain Authority.

Moz state that there will be both conceptual and technical changes to how they derive Domain Authority, creating a more accurate measure. Moz also warns that there will be fluctuations in scores across the board, so be prepared for potentially significant changes.

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