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Brand Schema to Help Rankings

Brand elements within Organisation schema markup can help improve search engine rankings

Schema markup is known to provide a multitude of SEO benefits that help to improve website rankings. Although not considered a direct ranking factor, structured data is known to support SEO in a number of different ways:

  • Helps search engines to crawl website content
  • More likely to gain knowledge graph or rich snippets in results pages
  • Additional benefits on other websites, such as social media sites

Many websites are now using schema to some degree but there are several under-utilised elements that are missed by the majority of sites. Below are some recommendations for Brand schema that will help organic rankings.

These Brand elements are part of the Organisation element. Google and other search engines use this information as a company reference point, specifically it helps Google produce knowledge graph panels. There are lots of pieces of data that can passed using the Organisation element but below are two that are often forgotten:

Alternate names

Your company may be known by a number of different name variations. For example, a shortened version might be more popular with customers. Using the Alternate names property you can help search engines understand the ways that people may search for your organisation.

Phone number & email address

If you want contact details to appear in your knowledge graph panel then using these properties will help highlight this information to search engines, making it more likely to be displayed. It also increases the chances of this data being included/used in other branded rich snippets.


If you require any assistance in setting up structured data on your website then please contact our team.

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