Project Management Tools: Missive

We're continuing our Project Management Tools series, where we look at some of the software we use regularly.

In this blog, we’re talking about Missive, a fantastic emailing platform that’s perfect for not just for an SEO agency but any business sending emails (so any business…).

Don’t be dismiss(ive)

Missive is a relatively new piece of software with a goal to reinvigorate keyboard warriors. Emails are often seen as a time-consuming, old-school art of communication as businesses start to move towards instant messenger apps. However, Missive aims to adapt and respond to the fast-moving world of comms by keeping collaboration at its heart. As a result, most of the Missive features are centred around teamwork. These features include assigning emails to colleagues, tagging teammates into email chains for help, and collaborating on an email response together from the comfort of your own chairs. These team-focused tricks are just a few of the reasons that make this genius software essential. 

Within a digital agency, where projects stretch across different parts of the business, we find this particularly useful. For example, an email regarding a technical SEO question could require some input from the development and marketing team, so tagging them into the email chain for their thoughts is highly valuable. You can even go one step further, writing your response with the exception of the development help you need – then, your colleague can nip into the email, type out the technical knowledge, and you’re good to go. Of course, there are more ways to use Missive that help make your project management more efficient, so we’ve included some of our favourites below:

The Missive Pros

1) Email Collaboration ft. Teamwork: We’ve mentioned this briefly above, but email collaboration is arguably Missive’s best feature. Before the pandemic, it’s likely you and all your colleagues would be in the same office space, so if you need help on writing a technical or complicated email, you could simply lean over the desk and constantly irritate your colleague until they caved in. Now, with people being spread across the office and remote working, it’s not as easy to annoy someone until they yield. However, Missive allows you to tag in a colleague so that you can both work on a response in real-time. This is particularly useful if there’s something technical or outside your expertise that you need to discuss – such as a digital agency like ourselves. This feature allows you and the team around you to craft flawless and thorough responses.

2) Sleep now or forever hold your peace: Being overwhelmed by a busy inbox is in no one’s best interest. Inbox Zero, a practice we’ve spoken about before, is the idea of spending as little time as possible working through emails so that you can stay productive and undistracted. Well, the sleep feature is perfect for this – sleeping an email, so it disappears from sight (and mind) only to return at the dictated time. This is very useful for non-time-sensitive emails, longer projects, or more complicated pieces of work that need to be scheduled accordingly. Simply dropping an email to the recipient to let them know you’re on it and then sleeping the email to a time where you can give it the attention it deserves is how it’s done by the project manager pros ?

3) Write now, send later: Not everyone is reading and sending emails at the same time as you. Whether you’re an early bird or night owl doesn’t matter with Missive, as you can schedule your emails to send when you like. Have a client that’s emailing at 5 in the morning? Great, schedule the email to go at 4am. Some prefer to reply to your messages at 9pm at night? Bosh that email into their inbox for 8:30pm. This will keep your email near the top of their inbox for when they’re likely to be checking this over so you can keep comms continuous and fluid whilst your client is in the zone. 

4) Chitchat: Missive also doubles up as an instant messenger for your team. You may already have a piece of software like Slack (mentioned in our blog a few weeks back). But, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense, penny saving add on, then Missive has you covered.

development team

Missive is a beautiful piece of email software that can bring teams together for seamless email collaboration – and we couldn’t recommend it enough. So if you use Missive, let us know your best features or, if you want to know more about our digital agency – get in touch!

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