Project Management Tools: ClickUp

ClickUp's "One app to replace them all" mantra is slowly becoming a reality as it continues to develop and evolve.

In this blog, we’re diving deeper into Herdl’s Project Management tools. We’re focusing on how CRM-inspired ClickUp helps us as an SEO agency and, although ClickUp does include a wealth of CRM features, it has become much, much more.

The whole kaboodle 

ClickUp really is impressive as a Project Managed tool. With a clear focus on improving the world’s productivity, ClickUp continuously changes its app with an agile approach, adding new features and possibilities every week. In 2020 alone, ClickUp reported that it had added 200 features, all of which were comments and feedback from its day-to-day users. With a goal to replace other commonly used tools, ClickUp’s arsenal has grown to include To-Do Lists, Docs & Wikis, Goal Tracking and even recently, email. As an SEO agency, having these “strings to your bow” – and all in one place – is terrific. Whilst we don’t use everything ClickUp offers, it’s our go-to safe place for project management. If you do want to know what we use ClickUp for, well….you’re in luck. We’ve detailed some of our favourites below:

Things are looking (Click)Up

1) Time Tracking: As an agency or organisation where what you’re selling is time, ClickUp is perfect. ClickUp allows you to record time against any task and space – so your man-hours can be logged against specific sectors and arms of the company. For example, logging the time taken on a project can be beneficial for reviewing purposes, allowing you to be more accurate on future quotations.

2) Gantt View: The Gantt view within ClickUp is a wonderful tool that gives a visual overview of a project’s timeline. The Gantt view is instrumental if you’re using waterfall project management instead of agile project management.

3) Spaces: The spaces in ClickUp can act as the different branches of the business. For example, in a digital agency, you may have a space for web projects, SEO projects, PPC projects, etc. Under these spaces, you log tasks and comments so that all relevant work stays within the appropriate place. Perfect for those who obsess with keeping things organised, neat, and in the right place.

stop starting and start finishing quote

Do you use ClickUp? Are there any features you’d recommend? Let us know, or feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our digital agency.

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