Is PPC Right for My Business?

PPC advertising can get traffic flowing to your website straight away

Many people are wary of using PPC. You may have heard statements like “It’s a complete waste of time and money”.

There are, in fact, a handful of factors that will determine how successful you are with PPC. Among them, of course, and at the top is whether Pay Per Click is a good fit for your business.

What Are the Benefits of Using PPC?

You get immediate visibility

Organic traffic? SEO can take a while before you see results. Search Engine Optimisation is an excellent path to take, but sometimes you need immediate results, which SEO cannot provide.

If you do the keyword research right, PPC advertising will get traffic flowing to your website instantly – meaning within minutes after making your campaign live rather than in days. Your website is great. Your product or service is excellent. But you still don’t have traffic? Pay Per Click advertising is a brilliant marketing method to solve your problem.

Increased visibility

Around 75 per cent of search engine activity occurs on page one of the results.
Thanks to Google Ads, you can be positioned right at the very top of page one results. This way, you’re able to capture first-page search results exposure, which in turn means that you boost traffic to your site and benefit from an elevated number of leads.

Improved timing and relevance

When people are actively searching for what you offer, PPC advertising helps provide insurance that you will be visible in their search.

Since PPC advertising relies on targeted keywords, you can invest in the keywords that people are searching for and provide an ad that is specific to their needs.

All-powerful data

Other than predicted readership, predicted viewership, etc., traditional advertising affords minimal options for measuring performance. On the other hand, PPC advertising provides so much data that you may not know what to do with it all. With PPC advertising, you’ll never wonder which part of your campaign is doing well and which part is lacking. That’s because you can track all aspects of the Ad campaigns. Given that you use Google Analytics, you can follow your prospects’ behaviour from the moment they click your ad to the time they become a paying customer (or otherwise). Ad improvement can also be completed, using data-driven methods to maximise ROI of the ads.

PPC Letters

Is PPC Right for My Business?

So which types of businesses tend to excel when they use PPC to drive results? Here we present five traits that companies typically have to enjoy excellent results and a healthy ROI from PPC.

Customer lifetime values that are high

For some industries, they are able to invest heavily in the acquisition of new leads and new customers. That’s because the client lifetime value is high.
For example, Dentist – A new client for a dentist or a privately run doctor’s practice can potentially mean thousands of pounds over the years to come.

High margins

It’s not always about customer lifetime value. Sometimes it’s about the high margin on a single purchase.
For example, Lawsuits – On a single case, a lawyer can make a high return. That’s why keywords such as ‘personal injury lawyer’ are costly. Even if a client only requires a solicitor’s services for a single lawsuit, which tends to be the case, the margins can prove to be extremely high.

Products that are hard to find

If you have an e-commerce business and you tend to stock the sort of products that cannot be found easily, you could be a worthy PPC candidate. People frequently search online to find weird items that brick and mortar stores don’t carry.

An array of diverse products

Massive retailers such as Amazon and eBay – the sort of retailers that carry an expansive assortment of products – enjoy a lot of success by investing in PPC. Retailers such as the Amazons and the eBays tend to advertise on many thousands of keywords. They pay peanuts per click by implementing dynamic keyword insertion or by bidding on long-tail keywords. There’s much, much less competition on long-tail keywords, hence lower cost per click. This way, even on items that have a low cost, advertisers can quickly turn a profit.

Time Sensitive Purchases

If you provide solutions to urgent problems, then PPC can be extremely effective. For example, if someone has tooth pain and needs an emergency dentist, they are unlikely to spend a long time on a website to try and find the relevant dentist, page and then number. If the PPC ad copy reads “Emergency Dentist in (the relevant location)” with a relevant landing page and easy to access phone number then the dentist using ads is much more likely to get the customer.

Think Your Business Doesn’t Fit in with PPC?

These businesses are not the only businesses that can reap a healthy reward from investing in PPC – almost any business can!

Pay Per Click advertising is an effective marketing method that can be tailored to fit into businesses other marketing communications seamlessly and align with your brand completely. It’s a case of finding relevant, targeted, high-intent keywords – keywords that work to drive leads and sales.

If you would like to hear more about how PPC would affect your business, please get in touch and our expert team will get back to you.

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