Post-Pandemic Project Management

During 2020, seasoned workflows and practices were thrown out the window as business adapted to the climate. The Project Managers on the front lines helped pioneer this dynamic shift, which will undoubtedly shape project management long after the curtains are closed on this COVID chapter.

The recent pandemic has changed our thought process and ideas in the workplace forever. Work was once confined to a single premise shared by you and your colleagues; however – through necessity – remote working has kept businesses marching forwards in recent times. It’s also put traditional work practices into question as research indicates remote working can boost productivity, performance and engagement. It’s unlikely to become the new “norm” as remote working does have its drawbacks – but as things return to post-pandemic normality, remote working isn’t going anywhere fast. As organisations change to incorporate this new work method, it’d be no surprise to see businesses toy with a mix of office and remote-based working in the future.

Adapt, adapt, adapt.

Understanding that clients will have a mix of in-office and remote working contacts is critical for businesses moving forwards. Project Managers, in particular, are going to have to focus on adapting their usual practices through flexibility, technology and improving communication skills. Adopting different workflows for varying clients based on their changing approaches will help maintain progress on projects and keep communication clear. Clients are likely to be a lot savvier with project management tools like Slack and ClickUp. As a result, how we collaborate will become emphasised as methods change, primarily where companies cater to these new work/lifestyles.

PM communicating using headset

The future of hybrid project management

Whether using Waterfall or Agile project management, there’s never going to be a one size fits all approach moving forwards. Methods that worked pre-COVID may no longer have a place at the table. The current climate has given businesses time to take a breath and reflect on their project management practices, exploring how these can be tweaked for new working trends. By utilising software and online tools, refining methodologies and techniques, and improving skills and channels of communication, project managers can continue their lynch-pin role within digital agencies ?

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