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Google have amended the updates they announced in 2020 to Google Partner eligibility based on agency feedback

We’ve been a Google Partner Agency since 2014 and witnessed a number of changes over the last few years. To become a Google Partner, you must fulfil various criteria to verify your expertise in Google products – this includes qualifications and information about your portfolio of clients.

Google caused an outcry from PPC agencies when it first announced significant changes to the partner programme in 2020. The new changes included several additional requirements including a minimum threshold for Google’s calculated performance score within the ad account. While this sounds like a great addition, Google’s automated recommendation feature doesn’t always make sense or provide the best suggestions for a particular client.

There has been a huge backlash from PPC agencies regarding the announcement. Agencies who are wanting to make changes that are in the best interests of their clients would risk their Google Partner status if they did not comply with Google’s automated instructions.

Thankfully, Google have amended their proposed updates based on partner feedback.

Changes to Google Partners has been delayed until February 2022 due to the pandemic. The main adjustments will include:

  1. Partners can achieve a 70% optimisation score by dismissing or applying automated recommendations
  2. Spend requirements over a 90-day period will now remain the same
  3. 50% of ads managers will require certification

The new partner status can be achieved from June 2021 but will not come into effect until 2022. Google will share further details on service improvements later in the year.

PPC agencies happy about changes

We’re really pleased to see that agencies will not be forced to apply automated recommendations that could be damaging to a client’s advertising strategy. We welcome changes to Google Partners that shifts focus to expertise and performance but ultimately the benefit should be for clients. To this end, other aspects we’re excited to learn more about are changes to access and support which Google will share soon.

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