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October 2022 Google Spam Update

Google has been rolling out a significant update to their spam filter. This update is designed to crack down on the types of spammy content that have been slipping through the cracks. As an SEO agency, we must follow updates such as these closely and monitor how they will affect the SEO landscape.

What Is Spam?

Spam is any content that is created with the sole purpose of manipulating search engine results. For example, SEO spam can include things like keyword stuffing, duplicate content, and doorway pages. In short, if your content is created primarily for the benefit of search engines rather than users, it’s likely considered spam.

Google’s current spam filter does a pretty good job of catching most spammy content, but there are still some things that spammers get away with. The upcoming spam update addresses these issues and makes Google’s search results even more relevant and valuable for users.

How Will The Update Affect My Website?

If your website contains any spammy content, you’ll likely see a decrease in traffic after the update goes into effect. A drop may be because your website has been penalised by Google and pushed down the search results. As a result, it’s essential to ensure that all of your content is high-quality and relevant to your audience before the update goes into effect.

Prior to this, Google released a similar spam update in November 2021, along with a double release in June and July of the same year.

If you’re concerned about any content on your website, it’s better to be proactive and tackle any issues as soon as possible. Our team are on hand to answer any questions and discuss any worries you may have. Similarly, if you’d like to learn more about our SEO services, please get in touch.

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