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New Google Partners Programme Launch!

The launch of the new Google Partner programme is due in less than one month and PPC agencies in the UK are preparing for the updates! The changes, scheduled for release in February, will shake up what’s required to qualify as a Google Partner. Agencies wanting to be a Google Partner, and receive the partner benefits such as expert support and discounts for clients (along with being able to display the new badge) will have to meet the new set of requirements. Google’s changes to the partner programme are aimed at encouraging managers to improve performance while highlighting the achievements of those that qualify.

google partner requirements

At Herdl, we have already met the criteria and will retain the Google Partner status we’ve maintained since 2013. Any agency can check their status via their Google Ads dashboard to see if they’re falling short in any areas. These requirements are reassessed on an ongoing basis, meaning that you could lose your status if you fail to maintain these three areas.

For full details about the new partner programme, along with additional resources, Google have created a microsite, which you can find on their Resource Hub.

The changes to the programme raise the bar overall and it will be more difficult to become a Google Partner in future . We feel is a good thing for clients as it makes it easier to identify top quality PPC agencies. For those that remember, the changes have progressed greatly from when they were originally announced. The original proposal caused a lot of controversy within the industry with many agencies (including ours) saying they would leave the programme. This uproar was caused by Google forcing certain changes across accounts that would have potentially negative effects for clients. Thankfully, Google amended the updates in April 2021 which you can read about in our previous post.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Partners or our PPC services in general, please contact our team today!

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