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New Google Partner Badge

We’re pleased to announce that we have qualified for the early release of the new Google Partners badge! While the new requirements will not be enforced until February 2022, those who meet the criteria will be granted access in advance. We’re an award-winning PPC agency and have been a Google Partner since 2014, so we’ve been prepared for the changes since they were announced in February 2020.

Changes to the Google Partners program were shared by Google well in advance, giving PPC agencies plenty of time to make adjustments. Since their original announced, Google have made several amendments which included a U-turn on optimisation scores.

For those that aren’t familiar with Google Partner agencies, there are three levels of partnership; member, partner and premier partner. Each tier gives agencies access to benefits and exclusive support along with the “badge of honour” to validate PPC management skills.

ppc managers

By qualifying early for the new requirements, we will be able to update our marketing materials with the new badge. Our Google Partner profile will be updated and we’ll continue to have access to support, extra resources, training and promotional offers for our clients. Keep a look our for changes on our website, proposals and other documentations for the badge below:

new google partner badge

We’re continuously working towards offering the best services for our clients, including evolving and adapting to industry changes, new technologies, features and channels. If you’d like to discuss our PPC services in more detail or would like more information about Google Partner agencies, please give us a call.

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