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The Future of Digital Advertising?

Could VR ads be the future of digital advertising?

Released in 2002, Minority Report was a sci-fi blockbuster well ahead of the curve. While many tech enthusiasts may have been aware of advances in augmented and virtual reality, the film starring Tom Cruise brought these technologies into the limelight.

Recently, Facebook has been experimenting with virtual reality ads in Oculus VR and is bringing us one step closer to this iconic scene:

Facebook-owned Oculus has announced “in-headset ads” as one of the ways for developers to generate additional revenue. Different models are being explored, with natural associations with the gaming industry, YouTube and app stores.

Privacy is a red-hot topic at the moment. While Facebook will be monitoring user interactions with their advertisements, ads will have to follow the same rules as those on Facebook. Oculus users have to sign in using Facebook to use the device, giving Facebook an avenue for personalised, targeted ads.

While virtual and augmented reality is far from the mainstream right now, the fact that Facebook is starting to explore advertising in this space speaks volumes. As a PPC agency, we’re always looking ahead in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry. We’re excited to see what happens in the VR space and how digital advertising will factor into the landscape.

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