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Google My Business Performance Report

Google will now provide more data in the Google My Business performance report

Google have made improvements to the Google My Business performance report. Previously the Insights report, the performance report now includes a detailed breakdown of viewers of your business profile, providing information on device, source and how they viewed your listing (eg. Search or Maps).

Google My Business is an important component for Local SEO and this extra information is useful to understand how users are finding and interacting with your property. The report is available within Google My Business via the Insights tab and in a new section labeled “how people discovered you”.

Within the report, Google include search queries, which is incredible useful for Local SEO and guiding improvements to your listing. Separate breakdowns for device also provides and where users came from, giving a deeper understanding of how people are searching and finding your local listings. The new information supports the recently updated metrics for interactions, calls and messages that were added earlier in 2021.

An important note when analysing these figures is that data displayed is for unique visitors, which may differ to other reports and notifications showing total visits. More data helps to provide an accurate picture of how people are search for and finding your Google My Business profile. These listings are integral elements for Local SEO and information can be used to improve these activities.

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