Build Links Without Fresh Content

Online mentions are one of the most effective ways to build links without content

Link building is one of the most difficult practices during an SEO campaign. Often, link building processes are time consuming with little reward. Below, we’ve described a technique that we find very effective that doesn’t require writing fresh content.

Before going any further, this link building process relies on a brand already having mentions online. However, you’ll be surprised that, even without a huge PR campaign, your company may still be talked about across the web.

Mentions aren’t limited to only brand references either; mentions could include staff members, products, events or other marketing campaigns. Any reference should be considered a relevant link opportunity. If a website feels that it’s worthwhile mentioning your company, it’s likely they won’t be opposed to adding a link – contact the website that contains the mention and request a link back to your website. Easy!

The hard bit is finding mentions…

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find them and we’ve listed a few options below:

Happy hunting 🙂

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