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Google Core Update September 2019

"The biggest conclusion we can reach from this update is that content remains paramount."

What You Need To Know About The September Google Core Update

Now that it’s operational—it’s a good time to analyze the SEO implications and effects of the latest Google global core update. This was the third such update from the company in 2019—and its effects will be spread across every market and search index.

Weaker Implications

Before we get into the specifics of what has changed—it’s important to temper expectations. Now that the data has come in we can clearly see that the core changes made have had a less significant impact than previous updates. This is especially true in comparison to the most recent previous update in June.

Affected Industries

The most significant impact of these updates has been in industries that were hit by previous updates—a course correction that is emblematic of the balancing nature of Google’s update strategy. The consensus across SEO analysts, reinforced by the data collected, has been that there have been boosts to websites in the media and healthcare industries. There has also been increased volatility in the YMYL—’Your Money, Your Life’—sector. For companies in those industries, we’d advise an audit or closer monitoring of your SEO data in the coming weeks.

Content Takeaway

Perhaps the biggest conclusion we can reach from this update is that content remains paramount—the common thread throughout all of Google’s official communications and advice has been to place a renewed emphasis on the importance of content quality—as defined by their own metrics. The simplest way of checking your own content quality in light of this is by following Google’s own E-A-T concept—something which forms a core component of their quality guidelines.

  • Expertise: Google is consistently monitoring content for accuracy and expertise, something that is especially true when it comes to scientific, medical, or financial claims. If your website is posting content in this vein—make sure you’re able to establish accuracy and expertise. This can be done through a number of channels, including your own company’s track record, useful external links, and posts with information from credible experts.
  • Authority: In order to establish your authority you must be creating useful and informative content. Ask yourself, is this content relating to my industry? And, is this content that will be useful for my audience?
  • Trust: Simply put, are you a credible source? Are your claims backed up by data, and do you have a proven track record when it comes to honesty and integrity? If not, consider establishing trust slowly before making any claims through your content.
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This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg—content must also meet other quality guidelines when it comes to structure and aesthetics. In short, it doesn’t just need to be credible, it needs to be well formatted with relevant tags and titles, and it needs to both look good and read as well-written. If you’re unsure, consult an expert in SEO guidelines, digital strategy, and content creation.

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