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A Guide To Writing Better Blog Posts

There are numerous advantages to writing a great blog post such as boosting SEO, building your brand identity, and establishing authority.

Why You May Need Help Writing Blog Posts

It’s regarded as common knowledge these days that most businesses should have some form of blog content. Whilst it’s true that most businesses already have blog posts in place, a lot of these are ineffective and underwhelming. Writing a great blog post can create tangible positives. This guide to writing better blog posts seeks to remedy that by offering handy tips that you can use to create blog posts that will have a positive impact on your business.

Plan Accordingly 

If you aren’t used to writing this will undoubtedly be a step you overlook, but it is absolutely vital to a well-crafted blog post. Firstly, you need an outline of what you’re going to write. Begin with your theme statement. Then plan out your sections, you want an introduction with a hook to draw readers in, a group of subheadings that will make up the bulk of your article, and a conclusion with a call to action that helps your business and relates to the theme statement. For the subheadings, you want to have all the information you want to include bullet-pointed beforehand. You also want to ensure that the different subheadings make sense together and are written in a logical order. Just like any good narrative!

Be A Crowd Pleaser 

Think about who you’re writing for. Make sure you’re writing content that’s relevant to your audience and what you’re writing is going to give them something they want or need. Whether that’s an insight into your products, services, industry or helpful advice.

Think of The Big Picture

It’s important that you realise blogging is only effective if it works as a part of a long term strategy. It’s no use having well-written but sporadic posts, nor is it helpful to spam your audience with lots of unrelated content. Plan your posts and their schedule ahead of time. Think of them as episodes in a tv series rather than one-off posts.

Style To Match The Substance 

All of these tips in our guide for writing blog posts will give you a great guide on what you should be writing and how to go about it, but what they don’t clue you in on is the style and manner of the writing. Now, maybe you’re very creative or have a writing background—at which point feel free to disregard this. But if you don’t, this is where so many businesses go wrong.

Desk setup ready to write blog posts

Two Key Principles Of Writing Better Blog Posts

There are two key principles you should keep in mind when you’re writing your blog posts: Use your natural voice. Not only does this build a personable blog post and give your business a friendly rapport with customers, but it’s also far easier to write well if you’re being yourself. Secondly, show, don’t tell. It may not be great advice for fiction, but it’s vital for blog posts. This means avoiding sales pitches, boasts about numbers or achievements, and claims to authority. Instead, demonstrate your expertise by providing sharp insights or helpful advice.

Remember: A blog post is not a sales copy, it’s about connecting with your customers and building your brand.

We Can Help

A guide for writing better blog posts can only get you so far, but as a Google Partner Agency, we can assist in optimising your website content for search engine rankings, and increase traffic to your site. Please contact our marketing team to find out more about our SEO packages.

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