Benefits of Using A Reviews Service

The overall benefits of positive reviews are easy to understand - they’re one of the most common and influential steps in a typical customer journey. Often proving highly influential when it comes to purchasing decisions.

What you may not be aware of are the many ways in which these review services – such as Google reviews and – can also help to boost your SEO. To help, this article will cover some of the benefits of using a reviews service.

Feedback As Keyword Content

This is one of the real hidden gems of SEO – something most people never think of. But when your customers leave you reviews, they’re actually creating keyword content – or at least they are in the eyes of Google. Because these reviews often contain relevant keywords, they can help boost your ranking in your target keywords as well as increasing your CTR(Click-through rate).

Trust Matters

When it comes to SEO, it’s crucial that you understand precisely what sites and content search engines trust. By this we mean, sites they consider to be reliable and trustworthy. For Google, this includes review sites. If you search for a service or product, Google will often lead with a selection of the most well-reviewed options—this isn’t a coincidence. Google wants to provide the best user experience, and this means the best services. For businesses, this means that the more positive reviews you get, the higher your likely to rank in searches for the services you offer.

Interact With Your Customers

As a general rule of thumb when it comes to SEO – if a specific metric has been publically pushed by Google, it’s something you need to be considering as part of your SEO efforts. When it comes to reviews, one of the more recent examples is encouraging businesses to interact and respond with customers who leave reviews. Responding to reviews is, therefore, one of the hidden SEO benefits of using a review service.

Keep Those Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are bad news when it comes to SEO – with a high bounce rate often having a substantial negative impact on a sites SEO rankings. Reviews can help to keep your bounce rate low by convincing customers of the worth of your services as well as building your authority.

Local SEO

There is one area where reviews are more important than any other – and that is Local SEO. And for businesses whose services are specific to or reliant on one geographical location, Local SEO should be the number one priority. Because of the layout and meta content of local businesses listings—reviews are one of the largest and most important quality indicators. This makes them highly influential when it comes to local SEO rankings.

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