Google Gallery Ads

If you’re struggling to keep up with all of the latest developments when it comes to Google’s advertising offerings we totally understand - there’s a lot to digest!

In this post, we’re going to look at one of the newest, and most important game-changing developments on the way from Google—the new Google Gallery Ads. In recent times Google has committed to reconsidering its paradigms when it comes to search advertising, and Gallery Ads are the most notable example of this. 

What Are Gallery Ads?

There is one revolutionary principle at the core of Gallery Ads – for the first time your paid search campaign can include images. Modelled in a similar fashion to Facebook’s carousel ads – Gallery Ads will feature a series of swipeable images chosen by the company being advertised. They will work in the same fashion as regular google paid search – but instead of a query being responded to with advertising copy – the user gets an image. In addition to the images, the new Gallery ads will also be accompanied by up to three different headlines – giving marketers and companies more opportunity for customisation. The other key aspect of Gallery Ads that needs to be noted is that in the beginning, they will only show up on the devices of mobile users. 

What Does This Mean For Marketers?

The introduction of image-based paid search advertising represents a fundamental change to the possibilities for companies when it comes to their search marketing. In the past, one of the biggest challenges has been effectively conveying a message and making an impact on customers in a very limited space – both in terms of attention spans and character limits. Images can change all that. With an image you’re able to give the audience a clear view of your product – say with an appetising image of a delicious slice of pizza – and then use the copy to hit on pressure points and deliver on the conversion. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Google’s initial test data has reported 25% more engagement when compared to standard advertising. 


Pubic Viewing Gallery

Who Will Be Using Gallery Ads?

If your brand is already doing well on Facebook or Instagram – then Gallery Ads will be a natural extension that can take advantage of your brands’ visual appeal. More generally speaking, businesses that rely on or are able to use images of their products and services will be ideally suited to take advantage. For example, spa and hotel companies, restaurants, and more. 

There is also the potential for businesses outside of these areas to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Gallery Ads. No matter what sector you’re operating in, being able to use creative and impactful visuals is an efficient and effective way to market to your customers. With Google Gallery Ads, those visuals can be targeted to reach relevant audiences and to demographics that will have a higher chance of being converted to sales than the equivalent channels on Facebook or Instagram. 

To sum up – it’s hard not to be excited about the potential for Google’s new Gallery Ads. Both in terms of the higher rates of success, and in the new and creative potential they will afford companies and marketers. The situation is also worth monitoring, as this could be just the beginning of a revamped approach to paid search marketing


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