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What you should expect from an SEO Agency

What should you expect from an SEO agency in terms of work and results?

If you have chosen to invest in search engine optimisation then you already understand how it can help to grow your business, but what should you expect from an SEO agency?

All organisations are different but there are still certain expectations that you can have when you hire an SEO agency. It’s important to ensure that they share the same visions and goals as your organization.

Here are five basic expectations that you should have:

Time set aside to learn about your company and its goals

Before you begin your campaign, your SEO agency should meet with you and get to know about your business, your competitors, goals and the audience that you are trying to attract to your website. If they don’t know about your brand and your objectives then how can they know about your targets? This is the only real way to create a clear SEO strategy that will provide a great ROI.

Good research and website audits

In order to know what needs to be done to improve your rankings, you need to look at the website itself. Good SEO research and website audits will provide insight on how a site complies with search engine algorithms. This process also includes exploring what competitors are doing and what the general landscape looks like alongside keyphrase research.

SEO agencies need to check for any barriers that might stop your website from indexing. There are multiple things that can hinder rankings or prevent indexing from content structure to the way that search engines are allowed to crawl a website.

Competitors need to be looked at in detail because this is who Google will compare your site against to determine rankings. In essence, SEO has a lot to do with how well you compare to competitors as a search engine wants to deliver its users the best information, content and experience possible for a given search.

Keyword research is the last item here but it’s an important one! If they don’t know which keywords are relevant and have good search volumes, no SEO agency would be able to optimise a website for the right keywords. They also wouldn’t know how competitive those keywords are, or how difficult it might be to rank for them (making prioritisation and resource allocation impossible).


Communication with your SEO agency is very important. The team you work with should be completely transparent and realistic about meeting your goals and objectives. SEO agencies should tell you what tasks they will be carrying out and when/if the strategy needs to change. SEO is not a straight road and some things might not work. In these situations, the agency should be pro-active with any changes along the way in order to achieve the best results possible.

Reporting and site monitoring

Site traffic should be constantly monitored as these data points are vital in seeing if an SEO campaign is working or not. This data includes sales or leads too, as these should be tagged and tracked using your analytics platform. Close monitoring feeds into future planning and recommendations – using data and results from tools like Google Analytics to steer the SEO team in the right direction.

You should get a monthly report on how these metrics are changing and insights and explanation as to why. This is an opportunity for you, as the client, to better understand your campaign. Reports should show you if you are on the right track. Ask any questions that you might have and share insights from the company to enrich their understanding. Let the agency know how your sales change or if clients/customers are providing feedback on visibility or discoverability through search. This information really helps the SEO team in their work and it’s great to hear that what they are doing is working (or if it’s not).


The reason that you have hired an SEO agency is that you want to increase your traffic, leads or sales. SEO can definitely do this but don’t forget that SEO is a long game. Any SEO company worth its salt would never offer you instant results. The ones that do are either lying to you or are using dodgy methods to get your site to rank (which never lasts and you will eventually get penalised by search engines). Spammy or “black hat” tactics could eventually result in your website being blacklisted and pushed out of search results completely!

Unfortunately, results can’t be guaranteed because there are just too many variables to take into account. These variables also change over time as search engines update their algorithms daily alongside a changing marketplace, competitors and user behaviour.

Being realistic, it could take a few months before you start to see decent results or to increase sales revenue. Simply, it takes time for search engines like Google to reward your efforts. However, if you are seeing positive results on a regular basis then you know that your SEO campaign is working.

How much does good SEO cost?

The costs will vary depending on the scale of your campaign, how quickly you want to rank, the size of your website and how competitive your ranking niche is. Remember that SEO takes time to work and it could take many months before you see a significant increase in site traffic and conversions. Always factor this into your budget and don’t look at SEO like you would PPC (where direct spend should equal direct sales or leads). SEO is compounding and once you start to get your rankings moving it should snowball and continue to increase over time. It’s not within our interest to say this but always speak to a few different SEO agencies and get a quote. Cheaper isn’t always better so make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

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Are you trying to find a great SEO Agency?

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