The Importance of Link Building

"Reputation is one of the most valuable currencies in the world of SEO - sites that are deemed valuable and trustworthy will always be highly prized by Google"

Link building has long been one of the central tenets of any good set of SEO best practices – and yet it so often gets left by the wayside. This should never be the case. That’s why we’ve outlined the importance of link building and the reasons why it’s is integral to your SEO efforts.

Page Discovery

In order for your website to be discovered it first needs to be indexed – the process for this can be a little technical so we’ll try to keep it as simple as possible! In order to find and index new pages, Google’s ‘spiders’ will crawl from page to page using backlinks, meaning that the more backlinks you have, the faster your page will be indexed. This speed matters. The quicker your page is indexed, the more likely you are to achieve your SEO goals in a shorter period of time.

Credibility And Authority

Reputation is one of the most valuable currencies in the world of SEO – sites that are deemed valuable and trustworthy will always be highly prized by Google – because this delivers the best user experience from their search engine. Backlinks are one of Google’s foremost reputation tools. It’s not just about quantity though – increasingly, Google is shifting its focus to quality when it comes to these matters. Meaning a small number of relevant high-authority backlinks can go a long way. This backlink boost works both ways, if your site is being linked to by high-quality services in your industry – especially blogs and news sites – your search presence will invariably improve.

Link Chain

Traffic Generation

The goal of not just SEO – but of any website in general – is to generate traffic. There’s little use to having a fantastic website if no one is looking at it. But, there’s always a paradox at the heart of SEO, namely – ‘If Google boosts the SEO of high traffic sites and only sites with high-ranking SEO gain search traffic, how do I improve?’ This is where backlinks come in. Backlinks can be a great way of generating referral traffic, boosting your SEO, and in turn, securing that vital search engine traffic you need.

Build Your Brand And Business With Link Building

While the primary importance of link building comes from its vital role in both local SEO, and national SEO rankings – it also has several tertiary benefits for businesses. Link building can be a great way of generating business relationships that will help you secure products, services, and marketing opportunities. This is because when you reach out to other businesses and websites to establish links, you also have a chance to make a long term networking connection. Also, through establishing your credibility and providing your customers with relevant and engaging content – you don’t just improve your SEO, you also establish your brand as being reliable and valuable.

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