Project Management Tools: Yay

We're back looking at some of the internal tools used here at Herdl for Project Management.

We’ve covered the likes of ClickUp and Missive in previous blogs and discussed how these help day-to-day project management in a busy and frantic SEO agency. Well, it’s in these busy moments where our next tool, Yay, really shines.

Fight, for your right, to partYay

Yay is a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) platform with an aim to bring small and large businesses seamless, quality phone calls. Established in 2014, Yay saw immediate success in the market, allowing them to expand its offerings to include different features, apps for various smart devices, and a solid cloud communications architecture. As Yay have continued to grow, the platform has integrated with other well-established project management and comms platforms, including slack, pipedrive and microsoft teams. Furthermore, with recent world activities affecting the way (and where) we work, VoIP infrastructure such as that offered by Yay has become integral to being reachable no matter where you’re working on any given day.


Go Ahead, Make My Yay

Here’s a few the reasons why we love Yay:

1) Desk and Device: As briefly mentioned above, most of us are now working in a world that has us split between the office and home. For Project Management, this provides its own challenges, as you want to ensure you can be reached by clients no matter where you are. So, as you can imagine, phone setup could be tricky with this split of working locations. Well, it isn’t with Yay. Yay offers not only a well designed and intuitive smartphone app, but also a sleek and functional desk phone. Both of these things integrate flawlessly, and you’re able to pass a call from desk phone to mobile phone (or vice versa), meaning that your clients won’t struggle to get through to their project manager.

2) Free Parking: Whilst you might be passing these phone calls across the office (or across locations), the last thing you’ll want to do is accidentally hang up on the client – or lose them in the digital agency phone system abyss. Enter ‘the park’. Yay allows you to park calls in a magical space between realms (or at least that’s where we believe these phone calls go), which can then be picked up by anyone, on any handset, from anywhere. It’s simple, but highly effective – allowing you to park the client, get hold of the person you need by tooth and nail, and then get them to unpark the call. Sometimes, these things don’t need overcomplicating, and Yay certainly gets that.

3) I See You: Once the client is parked, getting in touch with the colleague they are after has its own problems. But don’t worry, Yay understand this. Making an internal call is incredible easy with Yay as it splits client and colleague contacts. It also displays a handy icon to show whether that person is free, away, or tied up on another call. So, rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to find a PM, you can jut let the client know they’ll call them right back once they’re done on their current call.

We think Yay is a great piece of kit – sure, it might not be reinventing the wheel – but what is does do is absolutely nail the fundamentals you’d expect with a VoIP app, and with that, we couldn’t be happier. Get in touch if you want to learn more about our SEO Agency.

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