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November Local Search Update

Google launched a local search update between 30th November and 8th December

Google have confirmed a local search update which rolled out between 30th November 2021 and 8th December 2021. This update comes in close proximity with the core algorithm update which took place on 17th November 2021.


While Google are providing less and less information regarding algorithm changes, they have stated the update was aimed at “rebalancing of various factors [they] consider in generating local search results”. SEO agencies have noticed local rankings changes over the last few weeks and this update from Google explains why. These changes, along with other updates to the Google Business Profile, have created a turbulent landscape for local businesses in the run up to Christmas – major changes to the local business listing interfaces combined with a local ranking update too! In addition, a planned product review update was launched on 1st December 2021.

Even before the local update announcement, many SEO professionals had already clocked the changes and were discussing the impact across social media and forums. It’s perhaps this pressure from the SEO community that led to Google finally confirming they’d implemented an update.

2021 has sometimes felt like a frantic year for updates. Perhaps a result of the pandemic, updates have come thick and fast over short periods, often grouped together. We provided a recap earlier in the year and already feel like another is needed due to the frequent changes being applied.

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We’ll keep our ears to the ground. However, if you’re concerned about the local SEO update or would like to learn more about any of our other services, drop us a message or give us a call!

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