New Seller Rating Threshold

"Google increase seller rating threshold from 30 to 150 reviews"

Google have made some pretty significant changes to their Seller Rating threshold this week raising the bar from 30 reviews (total) to 150 unique reviews within the last 12 months. Seller Ratings have become a common sight in search results and are a great tool for many PPC managers to increase click-through-rates.

We first received a tipoff from fellow Leicester based reviews provider

The change will likely affect smaller online retailers who may not have the footfall to reach the new threshold. However, on the positive side, the update will make review ratings more accurate and therefore be more useful to searchers. Additionally, less review stars overall with help those who retain the Seller Rating extension stand out even more.

Google have already updated their official Seller Rating information which means we are likely to see changes in SERPS very soon.


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