Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

Bing releases their Mobile Friendliness testing tool to evaluate if a page is mobile-friendly

Bing have released their own Mobile Friendliness Test Tool which analyses a URL and provides a simple report on the page’s mobile friendliness. The tool uses a specific set of criteria to grade pages including:

– Viewport
– Page content width
– Text readability
– Tap targets

Here’s a screenshot of the mobile friendliness tool being used to analyse our homepage.

Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

Here’s a link to Bing’s Mobile Friendliness Test Tool if you’d like to try yourself.

The tool has obvious relevance for anyone working in responsive web design and further highlights the importance of mobile in the modern web. In addition, Bing announced a mobile element being added to their search engine ranking algorithm earlier this year – which is apparently still due to be released. We expect the launch of this tool to co-inside with Bing’s increasing focus on mobile.

The text found below the test’s results reads:

“Making pages mobile-friendly increases user engagement on mobile devices. It can also help you rank better in Bing search results on mobile devices.”

From an SEO perspective, the key element here is that Bing is indicating their search engine is already considering mobile friendliness.

If you’re running your own series of tests, for either web design or SEO, it’s worth noting Google released a similar tool last year as part of Webmaster Tools/Google Search Console.

Here’s a link to Google’s Mobile-Friendly test.

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