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Image Extensions on Desktop

Google recently announced it would be rolling out image extensions to Desktop devices over the next few weeks

Earlier this month, Google announced it would be rolling out image extensions to Desktop devices over the next few weeks, including dynamic image extensions. As a PPC agency, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our advertising, making it more appealing to different audiences. In doing so, ads are more likely to attract clicks and interactions from our target audiences, generating more traffic and ultimately conversions – whether the goal is to increase awareness, drive sales, sign ups or other forms of lead generation.

So far, image extensions have only been available on mobile. While mobile does account for a large portion of traffic, we often find that desktop is crucial for B2B companies – with their potential customers searching or browsing from a computer in the office, rather than their phone. Where relevant, our clients are already using image extensions and the desktop update will automatically be applied to these campaigns.

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Further to the desktop rollout will be the introduction of dynamic image extensions. These extensions will be automatically generated using relevant images from the ad’s landing page. In addition, Google have also made a library of stock images available to all advertisers. These images are free and can be selected when setting up the extensions. Our recommendation would be to use your own, unique images that represent your brand or business wherever possible. However, if this option isn’t available, these stock images will be extremely useful.

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