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Google’s Updated Mobile Interface

Google began rolling out a new design to their mobile search engine results pages at the start of this year

In January 2021, Google began rolling out a new design to their mobile search engine results pages (SERPs). The update aims to provide a more modern interface which is easier for searchers to read and use. We can expect to see this design applied to most results pages as the updated version continues to be rolled out.

SERPs play a crucial role in SEO and we track changes to these pages very closely. Results pages have changed greatly over the years, which affects how searchers find and interact with websites. Keeping up to date with new features and changes to ensure we’re able to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

While the design change does cover many aspects, including fonts, layouts and colours, the overall effect is subtle. Elements such as mobile Knowledge Panels have been more dramatically affected, with styling and positioning changes to tabs, images and notifications.

google mobile results update

Google have shared an example of their new mobile SERPs

Google have noted some key aspects of the design change and their desired outcomes:

  • Bringing information into focus – simplifying the visual experience and making information clearer
  • Making text easier to read – use of large, bolder text and use of Google’s own font for consistency
  • Creating more breathing room – edge-to-edge results has created more space for listings
  • Using colour to highlight what’s important – use of colour to intentionally guide users to the most important information
  • Leaning into that “Googley” feeling – more consistent with Google’s softer, more rounded brand guidelines
Google Logo Guidelines

Google’s logo demonstrating the softer, rounder aesthetic

We’re keeping a constant eye on changes to SERPs and monitoring how updates may affect SEO activities for our clients. These changes have been more focused on improving user experience for searchers and follow a recent trend from Google focused on results pages.

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