Google & Spam Reports

Google takes action on 65% of user-generated spam reports

Spam is a daily pain in the backside for almost all web users. Surprisingly, the first documented example of internet spamming was recorded way back in 1978¬†and actually found popularity in the online games community before becoming a deceptive nuisance unprofessional desperate “recognised” business tool.

As you would expect, Google has a negative opinion on spam and understands the poor user experience spam creates. There are lots examples of spam that would affect Google such as Black Hat SEO techniques, dodgy content, copyright and malware.

Google recently announced that they manually follow up on 65% of the 35,000 spam reports they receive from their users – that’s a staggering amount of manpower being used just to tackle spam!

To submit a spam report, users can easily fill out a spam report form via Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and learn more about the different categories for web spam.

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