Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google Analytics

Google supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Google Analytics

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are an attempt by Google to tackle the issue of poor user experience on mobile. To learn more about AMP in general, check out our recent blog post on AMP or visit the project website.

Earlier in January, Google announced support for AMP in Google Analytics. This means publishers and website administrators looking to improve mobile user experience can still track and analyse their AMP pages.

The Google Analytics team have helped created a component that can be configured with Google Analytics parameters to track pageviews and custom events. The component with also listen for parameters such as button clicks and scrolling events.

Google recommends using a separate Google Analytics property to track AMP pages and warn that some web analytics functionality won’t be available – but this is likely to develop over time.

Implementation includes adding a script into the <head> section of the page and then adding the <amp-analytics> component into the body. Here’s a link to the AMP Analytics page for details on setting it up or contact us if you require assistance.

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