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PPC strategies should consider where and how to most effectively reach audiences

The global pandemic has affected marketing channels in many different ways. These changes have meant that marketing agencies should re-evaluate strategies to adapt to new customer behaviours. Fluctuating trends and patterns have made speed and flexibility extremely important, factors which PPC packages are able to deliver more easily.

eCommerce has boomed during lockdown periods, with forced restrictions having a major impact on customer behaviour. Successful marketing strategies have adapted to these changes and will continue to do so throughout 2021.

Search has evolved beyond search engines, with increased search behaviour across other platforms including tech giants Amazon and Facebook. Factors such as safety and convenience play a crucial role in decision making processes – for example, next day delivery has replaced “nipping to the shops”. Other trends, such as increased online activities on social media platforms, provides different ways to reach potential customers.

PPC strategies should consider where and how to most effectively reach audiences, taking into account these changing behaviours and new trends. Product and ad placements should be considered and cross-channel PPC marketing needs to be utilised to reinforce messages and remain top-of-mind.

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PPC teams need to consider how to adapt to marketplace changes

Cross-channel PPC marketing can be employed to deliver effective, unified campaigns across multiple platforms, engaging with audiences in line with their changing behaviours. If you’d like more information on our PPC or marketing services, please contact us.

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