Benefits of Working With a PPC Agency

Working with an agency can really benefit your business by using experts who know everything worth knowing in the PPC world.

Using pay per click (PPC) is or should be a highly profitable way for your business to generate leads and/ or to generate sales. But the question arises: should you manage your PPC campaigns in-house or should you outsource the work to a PPC agency? It’s not, in fact, a one-size-fits-all situation. But there are additional benefits of working with a PPC agency.

Let’s consider the benefits.

Benefits of Working With a PPC Agency

Experience and Skills

Agencies that have a speciality in PPC marketing will be up to date on the very latest trends, on the freshest advertising platforms, and on other changes that fairly frequently occur in the world of pay per click. On the other hand, in-house people, even if they are PPC specialists, often do not have much time available or the resources necessary to remain at the forefront of PPC. PPC agencies have a wealth of experience working with different companies and handling different marketing campaigns. This is why they can avoid foundational trial and error when establishing a PPC campaign, which is likely not going to be the case if the in-house alternative were chosen.

Insider Relationships

Agencies, because of the sheer size of their budgets, often establish direct relationships with advertising platforms. In turn, this kind of relationship can benefit from ‘insider’ knowledge. Even a PPC specialist that works in-house will very likely never enjoy such a relationship. Agencies may benefit from gaining access to new PPC account features well before these are released to everyone else. This can help to lower advertising costs or aid overall efficiencies.


If you hire a PPC agency you’ll benefit from having a team of experts focused on your marketing. If their attention is diverted elsewhere it’s easy enough to assign others to handle your account in the meantime. Taking an in-house PPC management route will more than likely mean that resources are always going to be limited. An in-house PPC campaign can easily be set on the back burner when something urgent in the office needs to be taken care of. If there’s a single in-house PPC specialist, the situation can be worse still. Annual leave, sick time, or other kinds of absence will have a negative impact on your PPC campaigns.

Lower Cost

If your in-house PPC manager is relatively new to the game there’s a steep learning curve involved even to grasp the fundamentals of profitable PPC campaigns. To fully comprehend the Google Ads platform and how to get the best of it, or indeed any PPC platform – Facebook, Bing Ads, you name it – it can mean several months of time investment. If your in-house PPC manager is not up to scratch from the beginning of your PPC campaigns, likely those campaigns are going to be costly at best.

For those just starting out, mistakes will inevitably be made. Such mistakes can quickly gravitate to major setbacks in the world of PPC. If, on the other hand, you opt to hire a PPC agency from the outset, you’ll benefit from the lowest cost per click, you’ll get superior ad impressions, you’ll enjoy a healthy click-through rate, and you’ll achieve the best overall campaign performance – a campaign performance that will be rapidly optimised based on the expertise and lengthy experience of the agency.

All businesses want to cut costs while maximising on investments. By hiring an expert PPC agency rather than taking the in-house route, you’ll save money and you’ll make more money at the same time.

Combining Agency and In-House PPC Specialists

There is a possible solution that could potentially allow you to take advantage of both the in-house specialist and the PPC agency. That solution is to use a combination of both. This can work in one of two ways:

– Agency provides support to your in-house staff

If your in-house specialist is inexperienced, a PPC agency may be willing to guide and coach them. In other words, the in-house PPC specialist acts as a point of contact. This way you benefit from the connection you have with your employee as well as the knowledge and experience the agency has to offer.

– Expansion of your resources

If your in-house PPC specialist is experienced they can be responsible for handling your PPC campaigns. The agency, on the other hand, can take care of the day-to-day work, the type of work that your company might not have the resources or expertise to handle internally. If something crops up and you require extra resources with immediate effect, the agency is in a position to add more staff to your account and there’s no need to invest time in training or in gaining familiarity with your campaigns. Each business will have different needs and goals, thus, PPC agency work is not a case of one-size-fits-all and rather needs a greater, in-depth review.

Plan Ahead

The in-house specialist may need time for training. And while a PPC agency will be completely familiar with the array of PPC networks available and how to optimise so that each network performs at its best, they still need to become familiar with your company, with your PPC goals, and with any existing campaigns you have.

Nevertheless, by hiring a PPC agency, essentially you are hiring a group of skilled professionals that handle a variety of PPC campaigns daily. This experience, this knowledge, it provides you with a competitive advantage which should not be underestimated. To constantly improve campaigns and optimise ROI it calls for consistent monitoring and persistent adjustment. This is why you should hire a PPC agency – an agency that has the experience and the expertise to deliver a healthy return for your business.


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