5 SEO “Quick Wins”

SEO quick wins that can help you boost rankings quickly

When it comes to SEO, we often find that our clients are looking to boost their rankings as quickly as possible. SEO¬†usually requires a long time to fully take effect and this means that identifying “quick wins” can be really helpful to achieve results in a shorter timeframe. Below, we’ve shared 5 common “quick wins” that we look out for when starting a new campaign:

  1. 301 Redirects – if a website has recently been moved or updated, this can cause a lot of authority to be lost through changing URLs. Identifying pages that have been moved or removed and redirecting them can quickly make a big difference.
  2. Brand Mentions – link building is one of the hardest SEO practices but arguably one of the most important. Unlinked brand mentions are great opportunities to build links over a short period of time.
  3. Page 2 Keyphrases – if you’re looking to increase traffic to a website quickly, these “low-hanging fruit” keyphrases may only require a small boost to get them onto the first page (and in turn, attracting new visitors).
  4. Consolidate – multiple websites are sometimes a requirement but we often find that clients are working across multiple domains for no reason. Consolidating these sites, while implementing proper redirects, will help focus your SEO efforts and improve rankings.
  5. Landing Pages – understanding the importance of landings pages is SEO 101. However, we often find landing pages have not been implemented effectively. Ensure your website is structured so that each keyphrase in your campaign has a dedicated, optimised landing page and, in most circumstances, this will deliver a big SEO boost.

We understand there a many valid reasons why these issues occur but we hope by highlighting them here it will help our readers make fast improvements to their rankings. If you’d like to speak to our SEO team regarding any of these points then please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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