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Update to Helpful Content System

Google have announced changes to it's new Helpful Content System

Google has recently announced an update to its “helpful content system“, which aims to reduce low-quality content and make it easier for users to find useful information. This update, which began rolling out on December 5th, is a global update that impacts all languages and aims to help Google’s systems detect more forms of low-quality content that are created primarily for search engines and not for people. In addition, the update includes additional signals to help Google identify content deemed unhelpful for users.

The rollout of this update is expected to take around two weeks to complete. Once the update has finished rolling out, it will aim to downgrade websites that were designed to rank well in search engines but are not particularly helpful to users. On the other hand, it will promote websites that are designed to be beneficial to users and provide them with useful information. As a result, the SEO landscape is expected to be turbulent as rankings shift.

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If this update has negatively impacted your website, it can take several months to recover, provided that you make the necessary changes to your content. Google has provided a list of questions you can ask yourself about your content to determine whether it aligns with this update. As an SEO agency, it is essential to be aware of these updates to ensure that our client’s websites are not negatively impacted. By providing high-quality, helpful content that is designed for humans and not just for search engines, we’ll avoid any adverse effects from this update and potentially even see an improvement in our client’s search engine rankings.

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