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Diamond Package


We work to a 90 day planning cycle to ensure your campaign is well organised and always progressing. Our process is highly effective and has been refined over many years of working within the digital sector.



Research is essential to determine the most effective keyphrases for your campaign and helps us better understand the SEO landscape for your particular sector. This important step enables us to plan how we will approach your campaign.



We’ll dig deep into your competitors’ activities and analyse their behaviour to identify threats and opportunities. We’ll explore a range of elements such as content, link building activities and website performance to give you a comprehensive understanding of their SEO performance.



We’ll conduct a full audit of your website looking at a comprehensive range of elements such as design and content, usability, link profile, website errors and performance to gain a full understanding of your current position and activities.



We’ll produce a research report that summarises all our findings. As a culmination of our keyphrase research, website and competitor analysis, the research report will present a detailed overview of the SEO landscape, your current position and the wider marketplace. Although focused on SEO, our research report will provide valuable insight that will be applicable across your whole organisation.



Following the research report, we’ll conduct an initial consultation meeting to discuss our findings. During this session, we’ll share additional information regarding certain aspects of our analysis and provide recommendations on how to tackle any issues we uncover.



This step of our process looks at ‘sitewide’ factors which affect how search engines perceive the website. These factors are indicators used by all major search engines to determine rankings and include elements such as crawlability, indexing, speed and hosting data. Therefore, before progressing, it is critical to resolve any technical issues which may impede work later in the process.



Landing pages are the pages that will rank in Google and other search engines for your agreed set of keyphrases. For SEO to be most effective, each keyphrase requires its own unique landing page. Working within the constraints of your website, we will continually optimise and maintain a specified number of landing pages on your website.



Links have always been one of the most important ranking factors. Google and other search engines use links to decide where to rank your website in their results pages for certain keyphrases. Directories provide opportunities to quickly build relevant links to your website and create a foundation for further link building. We’ll submit optimised and consistent listings to a specified number of online directories.



Google My Business is a service offered by Google which allows you to submit details about your organisation directly into the search engine. Creating an optimised Google My Business listing helps Google understand your organisation and the products or services that you offer. By completing this listing properly, it also allows your information to be submitted to Google’s Knowledge Graph, results Carousel, Local 3-Pack and AMP. An optimised listing will provide many more ranking opportunities and will improve click-through rates.



Google Search Console is a tool offered by Google where you can learn a great deal of information about how your website is interpreted by search engines. The tool contains multiple features that enable us to submit files and data directly to Google, regarding your website, which helps Google read and understand your website and content.



While Google is the most popular search engine, others such as Bing have developed a significant market share. To extend the reach of your campaign, we will setup your Bing Webmaster Tools and make the necessary changes and submissions so your website also ranks well in Bing.



Call Tracking gives you a detailed understanding of which marketing channels have led to a phone call, providing a more comprehensive view of where your conversions came from. If your company receives enquiries or sales over the phone then Call Tracking is a must-have feature.

In order to provide full visibility across your marketing campaign, we’ve partnered with the UK’s leading Call Tracking supplier. Call Tracking data is recorded in Google Analytics and reported on alongside your other goals and conversions. As part of your package, we include the software setup and monthly licence fee at no extra cost.



Using Google Analytics, we will create a number of goals that allow us to track and report on progress. We’ll first discuss with you certain objectives, such as visiting a page or filling out a contact form, and set up goals in Google Analytics that will track these actions on the website. If your website accepts transactions we’ll also ensure conversion tracking is properly set up to accurately record and report on payments.



As previously mentioned, links are integral to SEO and one of the top 3 rankings factors officially announced by Google. Building links is a time consuming and difficult process but extremely rewarding for SEO. There are many factors to consider when building links such as the quality and relevancy of the referred, content and anchor as well as where to link to on your website, to name just a few. We will guarantee a specified number of new, high quality and relevant links to your website each month as part of our campaign.



Content plays a vital role in SEO, being one of the top 3 ranking factors officially revealed by Google. As such, it’s important that your website is updated with fresh, relevant content in order to achieve and maintain strong rankings. We will produce 1 content marketing article for your website each month as part of your campaign. Articles will be keyphrase focused and optimised to maximise benefit.



To truly maximise the benefit of SEO we must also consider goal and conversion rates. While driving relevant traffic to your website is the main objective of SEO, you will not receive the full value of these visitors unless they convert into customers or until they take certain actions. To enhance the results of this campaign, we will conduct 1 goal or conversion rate optimisation experiment each month, analyse the results and make suitable changes or recommendations. Using specialised testing software, we’ll carry out targeted A/B split tests on elements across your website to continually improve goal and conversion rates.



We’ll design and create a reporting dashboard for your campaign that reports to you all the key information related to progress and goals. This live report will be accessible at all times and will allow you to view information at any time period throughout the campaign – enabling you to track and compare results.



We’ll pro-actively be thinking of new ways to grow your campaign, suggesting new ideas and techniques to achieve better rankings. In addition, we’re always on hand to answer any questions you might have related to the work we’re doing or how your campaign is progressing.