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SEO: Algorithm Update

Google have confirmed a core algorithm update

If you’ve noticed some significant ranking changes from early March 2018 then it could be the result of Google’s recent update to their core algorithm. Google, who claim to make several of these broad changes to their core algorithm each year, have stated there may be nothing wrong with your pages even if you have experienced a drop.

Google haven’t released any information as to what has specifically changed but have said it’s unlikely this is something that SEO engineers can “fix”. As with all updates of this nature, some websites or pages will benefit from these changes and will likely see a rise in rankings. In their tweet, Google indicate that websites should continue to stay focused on “building great content”.

There hasn’t been much speculation within the SEO community as to what these changes may have affected but this will become clearer as more data is collected.

The SEO landscape is a constant sea of change

If you believe you’ve been affected by this update or have any other SEO related questions, then please contact our team who’d be happy to help.

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