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Selecting The Right PPC Agency in 2022

It's not as easy as finding the first result on Google

PPC spending has become a major part of any big companies marketing arsenal. We know it works and that many companies have come to rely on PPC for leads and sales. How can your organisation take advantage of the gold mine that is PPC ads? The answer: with a reliable PPC agency.

That’s easier said than done to find the right fit for your marketing. Finding the right PPC agency is a difficult process and you don’t want to rush this as it will have a direct impact on your business’s profitability. Rushing this will just increase the risk of you hiring an unqualified, untrustworthy, or overpriced agency that doesn’t have your best interests at heart. So, how do you get this right? Let’s have a look at how you can find the best PPC advertising agency.

What Does a PPC Agency Do?

Let’s start off with the basics, what exactly does the agency do for you when it comes to PPC advertising?

PPC Agency (Pay Per Click advertising agency) will cover a few bases. Your company goals will define the work that gets done. This will normally entail the running of ads on whichever platform best suits your objectives, be it on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and basically any ad platform.

Different businesses have different goals and you will most likely not want to use all of the platforms. An eCommerce dropshipping business that sells other people’s goods for example would want to run Google Shopping ads but might not want to be on Instagram.

Other factors, such as your budget, will influence which platform your business will use. Facebook Ads is better for smaller budgets for example, whereas Google Ads is better performing with bigger budgets.

In short, a PPC agency runs paid ads for you so that you don’t have to stress about it. Everything from your ad targeting, creating audiences and designing creatives will be handled by the agency.

PPC Agency (Pay-Per-Click agency) can do a lot of different things. In general, they will:

  • Create and run your ad campaigns
  • A/B test versions of ads to see which performs best
  • Monitor and optimize campaign performance
  • Regularly provide you with reports about how your campaigns are performing

But this is really a very broad way of defining what they do. A good PPC agency focuses on creating campaigns that are specifically tailored for your business. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to online marketing or paid advertising. Your business is unique and your campaigns should reflect that.

Choosing the right PPC Agency

So what can you look out for when selecting the right agency or your business? Here are a few points to consider to make the process as smooth and as rewarding as possible.

What do you want to achieve with your campaign?

If your goals are clear then the agency trying to achieve these goals should have a clear path. They either execute it or not.  If it’s for brand awareness, to drive sales or launch a product then make that very clear to them. If your goals are confusing or vague then the agency might not fully understand what they need to do and that might not be their fault.

Select an agency that understands what it is that you want out of the campaign. You can even go as far as to select an agency that has a good track record of executing your specific campaign objectives, but for other clients.

Pricing structures

Depending on the size of your campaign, you might either be better off with per-hour billing or a monthly retainer. Maybe you would prefer performance-based payment instead? Each agency will handle payments in a different way and it’s important to make sure that you as the client are aware and happy with how you will be charged.

Key criteria

Now you need to identify what criteria you want to base the performance of the campaign on. If you are trying to increase brand awareness then you would probably base your performance on impressions. If you want leads then you would most likely base it on something like conversions or clicks to the site. A good agency will also guide you down the right path and won’t use metrics that don’t matter to you.

Something else to consider is potentially using an agency that specialises in a certain platform. If you are only running Facebook ads for example then you should find an agency that mainly does that. If you want to run your ads across whichever platform work then you would probably be best off with an agency that has experience in running multi-channel campaigns.

The process

Take the time to learn about your agency’s methodologies and how they do things. Cow do they optimise Pay Per Click bids for example? How does the agency collect data? How do they go about finding relevant keywords?

Asking these types of questions will allow you to see if they have a good plan of action and also to familiarise yourself with what is being done.

How do they work?

No one wants miscommunication or conflicts. They slow done the process, resulting in sub-par performance and often leading to higher costs. Is there a dedicated account manager? Do you have to pay them on a certain day? Are they flexible and can changes be made as you need them? Will these changes cost you extra? It’s important to figure out exactly how you will be working with them to get the best results out of your campaigns.



















Finding the right first for our PPC campaign is important and will dictate both the performance of the campaign and how easily (or not so easily) you will be able to work with them. Once you’ve put in the leg work and selected the right agency, make sure you’re keeping up with them and that you give feedback! The longer you work with them, the more historical data you are ale to collect, and the more refined and optimized your ads can become.

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