Robert Underwood Multihulls


Robert Underwood Multihulls is the UK’s most experienced multihull service with over 45 years experience in the design, construction and sale of catamarans.

Robert Underwood Multihulls

Robert Underwood Multihulls approached us to modernise their branding and digital presence. Their logo and website had remained untouched for years and was in desperate need of attention to keep the brand relevant in the digital age. Our aim was to bring the brand into the 21st century while remaining empathetic to the history and prestige surrounding the brokerage.

The Brand

Colour Scheme


Branding Process

Our branding process for Robert Underwood Multihulls was centred around brand archetypes. The theory is based on the idea that we as humans love stories and throughout our history, characters and themes have been developed that we recognise consciously and subconsciously. This is crucial to our brand strategy and positions the brand internally and externally, thus creating a central anchor point which all communication can adhere to.

The visual identity that you see you before you is just the tip of the iceberg but visually reflects the values and market position of the brand


Digital Experience

The digital experience elaborates on the foundation set out during the branding process. Our digital team utilised this whilst creating user journeys tailored to the audience of Robert Underwood Multihulls. Subtle effects and transitions were also called upon to elevate the overall design and user experience by creating a more fluid and considered experience across the site.

As a result, the website went on to garner critical acclaim throughout the web design industry, winning multiple awards and gaining recognition around the web.

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