Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a digital marketing technique that’s utilised to bring traffic to a website for a small fee each time an ad is clicked. PPC is a strategic and technical digital marketing skill that requires rigorous attention to detail combined with clear goals and KPIs.

Working with our PPC management team we’ll help you select the right channels and set up goals, tracking and analysis tools that will help us to extend your budget to reach your customers for a fraction of the price.

As an official Google Partner Agency we’re positioned to offer the support and management needed to harness your PPC budget and drive the highest number of conversions.

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Paid Search

Search engine advertising, or paid search, is the most popular PPC technique with Google AdWords and Bing Ads dominating the search marketing landscape.

Creating a successful paid search campaign doesn’t happen overnight. Search engines reward advertisers for creating carefully structured and granular accounts by rewarding them with a lower cost per click. That’s why we create dedicated conversion pages and extremely targeted campaigns, that are analysed and optimised until we’ve maximized your ROI.

At Herdl, we offer expert AdWords management and Bing Ads management from our paid search specialists, qualified as both Google Partners and Bing Qualified Individuals as a minimum.

Digital Marketing PPC

Display Advertising

Display advertising is the digital equivalent of an outdoor billboard ad campaign – making it the ideal technique for brand awareness and promoting new products.

A successful display campaign requires a combination of creativity and analysis in order to identify and reach your target audience in the right context. As a digital marketing agency with performance at our core, we deploy a formulaic approach to display advertising by focusing on placement, geography and demographics along with a winning creative

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Paid Social

PPC advertising takes place across the web, from search engines such as Google and Bing to social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Utilising rich demographic and behavioural information, paid social can be used to target specific audiences, and drive traffic to your web site. Due to this, paid social is becoming an increasingly important digital marketing strategy that provides unparalleled targeting opportunities.

We currently advertise across the most popular social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Retargeting has been one of the most exciting developments in PPC, allowing you to display ads to people who have previously visited your site. When implemented correctly, retargeting is proven to drastically improve conversion rates no matter what your sector and help keep customers coming back for more.

Using advanced techniques, we can ensure that you never miss an opportunity to reconnect with your customers and make sure that the right visitors are returning to your site and converting into customers.

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Shopping Feeds

Shopping and Product listing ads are becoming an integral digital marketing strategy for many online advertisers. Product feeds are a way that eCommerce advertisers can serve product adverts across huge affiliates such as eBay, Amazon and Google using the pay per click cost model.

Creating powerful affiliate feeds optimised to perform in a busy market place can be a technical as well as creative challenge. Focusing on keywords placement and your audiences search queries we develop product feeds into your digital sales force.

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Video Advertising

When we talk about video advertising, YouTube is always our first call due to the low cost and highly targeted placements.

With YouTube advertising, you only pay when someone chooses to watch your content, making this a highly engaging and effective form of advertising. As brand development tool, video advertising is essential and with the powerful targeting and analytical tools available through YouTube, this channel has earned it’s place in many of our pay per click strategies.

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