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"According to research by SEO expert and pioneer Rand Fishkin, less than 50% of all searches on Google lead to a click."

The SEO landscape is continuing to develop and is no longer as simple as aiming for the top ten organic listings in search results. In an era of increasing zero-click searches, we must alter our strategy to compensate for this behaviour. We must begin to focus on ‘On-SERP SEO.’

What is On-Serp SEO?

On-SERP SEO refers to the process of optimising all available content that is, or could be, displayed in search results. 

Prior to the introduction of Google’s Rich Snippets, digital marketers had just two places to control what was displayed in search results – the meta title and meta description. But with new search features being introduced on what seems like a monthly basis, there are now far more ways to display information in search results, and as such, influence a users behaviour both before and after their initial click.


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Why is On-SERP SEO Important?

According to research by SEO expert and pioneer Rand Fishkin, less than 50% of all searches on Google lead to a click. Although this is a shocking statistic, this doesn’t necessarily mean a negative outcome for businesses and marketers. Instead, it highlights the amount of information that is now available to users on search results and reveals the potential for a new era of on-SERP focussed SEO

How Will This Benefit My Site?

The main benefit of focussing on-SERP is the potential of increasing brand visibility. If less than 50% of searches are resulting in a click, you’ll want to make sure your website and your business information is as visible as possible! 

Imagine someone searches for your brand name on Google with the intention of phoning you to make an enquiry. If your Google My Business listing is optimised correctly, your phone number is clearly visible, and your opening hours correctly listed – a user has no need to visit your website, but the enquiry can still take place! 

Developing Your Strategy

In an age of changing search behaviour, businesses must stay one step ahead of the trend, and adjusting your strategies to incorporate new processes and optimisation tasks is key. For more information on how we can help increase your search visibility, and improve your SEO strategy, feel free to get in touch with a member of our dedicated digital marketing team.

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