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May 2022 Broad Update

The first core algorithm update of 2022, the May 2022 Broad update, was announced on 25th May.

It’s integral for SEO agencies to keep up to date with the latest algorithm updates from Google. Very recently, the May 2022 Broad update was announced and will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks. Surprisingly, this is the first major update from Google in 2022 with the last core update being released in November 2021, over 6 months prior! Due, in part, to the pandemic, 2021 was packed with updates and so this year has been comparatively quiet from Google.

Many SEO professionals in the industry cited volatility in rankings leading up to the announcement. However, Google confirmed the date this update began its roll out and stated any fluctuations beforehand were unrelated. While core updates are important and require close monitoring, specific information is often relatively scarce. Google have outlined that changes were implemented to improve results and adapt to the changing web, alongside citing previous guidance about core updates found here.

Core updates can cause rankings to shift more than normal across industries. However, updates and improvements to Google’s algorithm generally reward good SEO practices. Therefore, an update like this isn’t something to panic about if you’re carrying out a strong SEO campaign. It’s important that algorithm updates are taken seriously but evaluated in a wider context – SEO is a long term strategy and knee jerk reactions often lead to mistakes being made. Knowing a core algorithm update has taken place gives a reference point in time when viewing results and should form part of an analysis, alongside other factors.

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