Mat Moses – Digital Marketer

Introducing Mat Moses, the newest member of the Herdl team

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of the Herdl team, Mat Moses. If you haven’t had the chance to speak to him already, here’s a little bit of background on Mat, and how he came to work with us.

Mat Moses

Mat has a wealth of experience in digital marketing, developing his skills in core areas such as SEO and PPC. He’s built up agency experience, growing his knowledge and understanding of this sector and exposing himself to various marketing practices. He’s formed a strong passion for all areas of digital marketing and established a keen desire to continue to grow and learn within this area.

Over the last 12 months, Mat has operated as a freelance photographer and content creator, working with a range of different clients. His keen eye for detail and breadth of knowledge is an asset to our team. During this time, Mat was able to travel with various brands to capture content, simultaneously developing skills across numerous areas from content marketing, business management, promotion and creative application.

Having been a member in group expeditions to locations including Iceland and the Ardeche, Mat developed a unique, recognisable style of photography which helped him attract an array of brand collaborations and projects – leading to several features in magazines and online articles.


Having discovered an appetite for digital marketing, Mat began to seek out career opportunities – and Herdl was lucky enough to snap him up!

Now, in his time away from work, Mat loves nothing more than packing up his Defender, picking up his friends, and heading out on a road trip in pursuit of the best captures and the best coffee – enjoying moments of exploration throughout the UK and further afield.

Mat's defender

Mat also has an interest in all areas of design – from art and illustration through to product design. He regularly spends weekends designing and styling new applications and websites, also refining his development expertise too. Mat enjoys keeping up to date with new music and is slowly building a record collection that may one day rival Ged’s…

Having been a member of the team at Herdl for over a month now, he certainly feels like part of the furniture. We work in a fast paced environment, and Mat has slotted right in, hitting the ground running.

From Mat himself:

“It’s safe to say I’m enjoying every moment at Herdl. Being part of a great agency and being surrounded by talent on a daily basis has been beyond enjoyable, and I look forward to continuing to develop and grow in my new role here!”

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