Herdl Interviewed by Leicester Mercury

We’re extremely delighted to have been interviewed and featured in the November edition of the Leicester Mercury Business Monthly newspaper. The piece offers great insight into our past, present and future, as well as detailing our agile marketing approach to services.

Directors, Ged Day and Gareth Morgans lead the interview, outlining the core values of an agile marketing and communications agency, The key word here is “agile,” – it’s what makes us different. […] Being agile is what ensures we always remain focused on our clients and their goals.’ Our unique approach, explored in the article, displays a new format for buying and managing marketing services where client goals are the driver, and our services are dynamically resourced and applied to achieve them.

The featured article has been a great opportunity for us to communicate with local Leicestershire readers the motivations behind the company formation in relation to the wider marketing world. Ged and Gareth stated, ‘We’ve worked at digital agencies which have been built upon the traditional model and we recognised their failings. […] We both worked for one of Leicester’s oldest digital agencies, […] the company had lost touch with their clients and was focused on creating cash cow packages rather than building a great service. A lot of what was bad about that company drove us to change the way we designed and delivered out marketing services.’

This catalyst is the main driver behind everything we do and inspired us to create the first agile marketing and communications agency in Leicester and the surrounding county!

Our growing team see the biggest challenge ahead as ‘going against the grain in terms of how we deliver services. Businesses are so used to buying marketing service piecemeal, it’s often hard to break the mould.’ However, the ever-changing economic climate means that businesses are always demanding more from suppliers in an increasingly competitive marketplace and any strategy to better service these needs will hopefully be welcomed.

Our whole team are motivated and passionate about agile marketing – our aim is to help take companies to the next level by injecting some big brand DNA and delivering the services clients’ need, exactly when they need them. By working autonomously, with the same remit as an in-house marketing department, we can ensure your budget is always working as hard as possible!


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