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Google’s Guidance On AI-Generated Content

Since the launch of ChatGPT, the topic of AI-generated content has exploded. There has been a lot of debate within SEO and digital marketing communities around the impact tools like this will have on the industry. While content generation tools and AI aren’t brand new concepts, it does feel like we’re heading in a new direction when it comes to digital content creation.

One of the biggest concerns we’ve had as an SEO agency is whether AI-generated content would be penalised by Google. Tools like ChatGPT are able to generate content faster than most copywriters, so do they have a tradeoff? We have been experimenting with AI content generation for several years, and more than simply text content too. There are AI tools available for audio, video and image generation in all sorts of different ways. Our experience has been that AI can significantly help with content creation but it won’t simply do it for you – certainly not if you want a something of a high standard. It also requires a certain skill to get the AI to produce what you want (and we’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to prompt writing).

While other AI tools have been available, the uptake of ChatGPT has prompted (pun intended) Google to clarify their stance. Essentially, Google doesn’t have a preference of how content is produced, whether human, AI or a combination of both, as long as it’s good quality and helpful. In their announcement, they have reiterated their EEAT guidelines (Experience, Expertise, Authority & Trust) and stressed the importance of helpfulness. They even went as far to say that AI has the ability to enhance creativity and expressions, which feels like a very positive stance.

As might be expected, and what some SEO specialists were worried about, Google reinforced that AI should not be used to manipulate search engine results or spam – which goes against their guidelines. Where Google draws the line on this remains to be seen. However, a common sense approach here is recommended. If you’re using tools to assist and improve your content strategy then you still must ensure what you produce is accurate, high quality and useful for your audience.

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We know that a lot of our clients find content creation quite challenging. Usually it’s a balance of finding someone with the right knowledge, time available and ability to write – which is tricky! So, we hope that these new technologies will help our clients produce more and better quality content over time. If you have any questions or concerns about AI generated content, check out our step by step ChatGPT guide with prompts or please get in touch.

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