Google Rich Snippets

Why Are Google Rich Snippets Useful For SEO?

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are enhanced search results displayed by search engines, which include additional information about that specific web page.

When shown in search engine results, rich snippets have a greater visual appeal for users, enabling them to find the information they are looking for far easier. This is because when rich snippets are used, Google is able to display more information about the result. Whether this particular result is a review, a person, a product or business, it helps users to predict the overall value and benefits of a site before visiting it, which can ultimately lead to a higher organic click-through-rate.

How are rich snippets employed?

In order for rich snippets to be displayed, structured data needs to be added to the HTML of your website – this is a piece of code that is specifically written for search engines to understand. This structured data allows Google, and other search engines, to understand the information which is included on each web page and show your customers more specific information about your website.

However, implementing this structured data does not directly tell the search engines to generate a rich snippet for the website. It only provides Google with the necessary information to do so, making it easier for them to grasp what your pages and your website are about, not guaranteeing a rich snippet will be displayed.

Why are rich snippets useful for SEO?

Although Google has explicitly stated that there’s no algorithmic effect on SEO from rich snippets, they have a number of qualities which correlate with higher click-through rates and reduced bounce rates.

Essentially, Google rich snippets provide the user with more information about what’s on the other side of the search result, enticing them to click. On-page behavioural data, such as the click-through rate and bounce rate, is believed to have an impact on rankings. Therefore, if you are consistently obtaining high quality, targeted traffic, the higher user engagement with your pages may lead to higher rankings, and consequently more traffic.

Common types of Google rich snippets


Product rich snippets show the price and status of a product or service from a website. Google will show the user more detailed product information, which will enable you to attract potential buyers while they search for items to purchase.


A review snippet is a short excerpt of a review or a rating from a website. If this result has a number of positive views, the page is going to stand out and appear better than the same result without. This is an important signal to users, as it shows that the site is a good resource to use, which will ultimately motivate people to click.


These Google rich snippets can include a lot of information from specific cooking and recipe collections. This could involve the type of dish, the preparation and cooking time, as well as the serving size, calories, fat content and more.


Organised events can be discovered through Google Search results and other Google products like Google Maps. The information provided to the user can include the start and end date of the events as well as the duration, ticket details and geolocation. This type of rich snippet is intended for the use of any future occurring events, not past events.

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