Google Primer

Digital marketing is constantly evolving but there are plenty of resources out there to maintain your expertise

The web is developing at an exponential rate with related industries constantly playing a game of catch up. Marketing is no exception, with a special onus on digital marketing. For individuals, ensuring your expertise is always up to date and relevant involves a daily struggle with learning materials and resources. There is plenty of content to be found but individuals must be careful the information they’re absorbing is trustworthy, accurate and actually up to date itself.

Last year, Google launched a series of short marketing lessons through a pilot project called Primer

The lessons on Primer have been put together by a group of marketers from Google with the aim to help businesses of all sizes understand some basic marketing concepts. Lessons are delivered via an App which is available on both iPhone and Android. Primer is a completely free service and covers a range of marketing areas such as branding, SEO and PPC.

There are countless resources available on the web for anyone involved in marketing (at any level). We’re recommending Primer because the lessons have been created and curated by teams at Google, who generally dominate the digital landscape in many areas. For more information check out the Primer website or get in touch with our team¬†who can answer any specific questions.

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