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Destination mismatch Glitch

Google Ads are aware of the issue and are investigating a solution

As a PPC agency managing accounts for multiple clients, it’s important that we stay on top of any changes or issues with large systems like Google Ads. Recently, Google Ads has experienced a glitch where ads would be marked as disapproved because of a “destination mismatch” – if you’ve received a notification and are wondering why, don’t panic as it could be just a mistake at Google’s end. Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll see below:

carrying out a ppc audit

In our experience, instances haven’t required any intervention and the ads are no longer disapproved. Google appear to be on top of the issue with their liaison responding directly to issues on Twitter and a notice being added to the Help section. Their notice states that the problem is being worked on even if you haven’t raised a support ticket.

For larger advertisers, where thousands of URLs have been disapproved, you can understand why this is a problem. In addition,┬áthe notifications are causing unnecessary stress among PPC teams and clients who believe there’s a problem when there isn’t one!

carrying out a ppc audit

We’ve been lucky so far and only one client has been affected. However, we’ll be keeping a close eye on any issues arising as we near Cyber Monday and Black Friday. If you have any concerns about issues in your account, contact our team.

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