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Create Leicester: Why is Creativity Critical Today?

Create Leicester is an important event for Leicester’s creative community

At the core of Leicester’s creative sector you’ll find Create Leicester, a quarterly event held at the LCB Depot representing a significant gathering for local creative professionals. This initiative is supported by businesses in the region, including ours, and serves as an important platform for the exchange of ideas and networking among peers. The recent event was, as always, marked by some delicious from Grays Cafe and, less commonly, favourable weather. The location and people involved never fail to produce a conducive atmosphere for collaboration and inspiration.

The event featured Nicholas Roope, an influential figure in the realm of digital and creative arts. Roope, who’s the founder of GGGGGGGGG & co-founder and Jury Chair of The Lovie Awards, delivered a compelling talk on the indispensable role of creativity in contemporary society. His professional journey, which spans from his days as a university artist to a digital innovator, illustrates the transformative power of creative thought. Throughout his career, Roope has been at the forefront of several groundbreaking initiatives such as the launch of the Yelp site, the development of the first “product feed” for Topshop which advanced the fast fashion industry, and the creation of a perpetually scrolling website for Orange’s campaign on unlimited minutes. Additionally, his PLUMEN lightbulb project not only received the esteemed Black Pencil award but was also exhibited at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). With a long list of notable accolades behind him, we really felt Nick was primed to help steer and advice many of the young creatives at the event.

Among Roope’s notable achievements, the “How Rich Are You” website stood out to us at Herdl. This project not only engaged users in a reflection on their real-world wealth but also motivated them to contribute to charitable causes, demonstrating how innovative digital solutions can promote social responsibility and engagement.

Nicholas Roope’s narrative underscored the assertion that creativity is not merely about forming a message; rather, it is about capturing and sustaining attention. His diverse and impactful portfolio confirms that creative endeavours can merge artistry with practical applications, challenging conventional boundaries and altering perceptions. Our team found the talk informative and it provoked a lot of discussion around our approach to PPC advertising and role of creativity in our processes.

Create Leicester remains an important event for Leicester’s creative community, providing a truly stimulating environment that encourages professionals to further develop and refine their creative capabilities. As a team, it’s important we take a step back and lift our heads to see what’s happening across the digital landscape and share our own experiences.

If you’d like to learn more about how we incorporate creativity into our workflows and services, be sure to reach out!

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