Adwords Editor V11

The biggest update to the application since 2006

Adwords Editor is a highly popular application used by PPC professionals to speed up the setup and management of AdWords PPC accounts. The free, downloadable program runs your desktop and provides a great number of useful tools. The main advantages of AdWords Editor are that it enables multiple changes to the account to be made simultaneously as well as displaying data and content in different formats.

Adwords Editor Version 11 is noted by Google to be the largest update to the application since 2006 and promises a host of new features. These include:

– Redesigned Interface
– Improved Navigation
– Open Accounts in Multiple Panels
– Side by Side View
– New Search and Filtering
– Multi-Selection and Additional Bulk Changes

As a digital marketing agency, we’re hugely excited by the news we’ll be able to download our entire MCC (My Client Centre) account which will enable us to analyse and implement changes more efficiently.

Download Adwords Editor Version 11

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